The 2008 Indianapolis Performance Enhancement Seminar DVD Series



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In this six DVD series, you’ll receive up-to-the-minute training information that’s guaranteed to improve your training, or that of the clients and athletes you work with.


DVD #1 – Introduction and 21st Century Core Training


What is the difference between core strength and core stability?  And why must you absolutely be training for stability vs. strength?  Learn the biomechanics of the core and lumbar spine, and why ineffective training will leave you at increased risk of injury.


DVD #2 – Creating a More Effective Assessment


Identification of deficiencies precedes optimal program design.  An effective assessment then is the key to a successful program.  Formal and informal, general and specific assessment and clearing tests will be discussed and guidelines to address the needs of individuals and groups are provided in this segment.


DVD #3 – Optimizing Upper Extremity Biomechanics


Upper extremity training is still in the dark ages.  Learn why your old program isn't working, and learn the three components you must include in your program for optimal results.  Finally, learn the two muscle groups that you probably aren't even training that are integral to the health and performance of your upper extremity.


DVD #4 – Building Bulletproof Knees


The knee is one of the most frequently injured joints in the body.  Are you doing everything possible to keep yours (or your clients') healthy?  This session will examine why so many knees are getting injured, along with strategies and programming you can utilize to get your knees back to 100%.


DVD #5 – Selecting the Optimal Method for Effective Flexibility Training


Flexibility training goes far beyond common methods of stretching.  Sources of movement impairments can be strength-related, neurological, or tissue-related.  Learn to identify the causes of mobility limitations and which methods to apply to achieve the desired outcome.


DVD #6 – Program Design and Conclusion


Trainers and coaches who are only selling the "6-week package" aren't looking at the big picture.  What does this client/athlete need to succeed over the long haul?  Learn how to develop programs that are not only biomechanically correct for your client, but how to keep them on the path to success for many years to come.


Purchase with NSCA CEU's - $159


Purchase without NSCA CEU's - $129


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